Care For Those Who Need It Most

Early access to proven innovative therapies significantly improves patient care and expectations for recovery. Streamlining the path to rehab will reduce length-of-stay and make beds available sooner for incoming patients.

Neuro researchers at the University of Alberta Hospital will have greater opportunity to transform the world of brain and spinal cord rehabilitation by increasing research productivity, grants funded, and published work, allowing the University of Alberta Hospital to be leaders in creating evidence for new and upcoming therapies.

Meet Bill Stephenson...

It was just another day until it wasn’t.

The official cause of Bill Stephenson’s plane crash was engine failure after takeoff.

Flown by air ambulance from the crash site at the Wetaskiwin airport to the University of Alberta Hospital (UAH), Bill underwent several hours of surgery on his shattered spine. He also had 12 broken ribs.

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Your Support Makes A Difference

Festival of Trees has raised over $23 million for critically important causes at the University of Alberta Hospital site. From bringing incision-free brain surgery technology to Edmonton to expanding intensive care for cardiac patients, your support has impacted patients from head-to-toe.

Together We Can Transform Health